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House for sale in Istanbul” can typically refer to a variety of properties for instance, we currently have a house for sale in Istanbul that is an historic old building with 4 bedrooms overlooking the Bosporus. Or “house for sale in Istanbul” could also mean a luxury Istanbul villa, like the one from our portfolio of Istanbul houses located just outside Istanbul city centre with 5 bedrooms, an outdoor pool and underground garage.

We also have a house for sale in Istanbul in the city centre with stunning sea views overlooking the Golden Horn and the Bosporus with 5 bedrooms and easy access to local transport routes whilst ‘Villa Aqua’ is a luxury house for sale in Istanbul located on Istanbul Asian side and just a 5 minute walk from the famous shopping district Bağdat Caddesi. Most people, when searching for a house for sale in Istanbul, start on Istanbul European side in the boroughs of Arnavutköy, Bebek, Hisar, Istinye, and Kuruçeşme but perhaps the seaside town of Bebek is the most alluring when searching for a house for sale in Istanbul.

Other parts of the city to consider when looking for a house for sale in Istanbul are the modern districts of Beşiktaş, Cihangir, Galata, Karaköy, Nişantaşi, Ortaköy, Şişli, Taksim, Tophane, Tünel and Yıldız though not all of these areas are open for foreigners to purchase in – please check with our specialist Istanbul team before you start your search.

Suburbs with contemporary shopping malls are proving increasingly popular amongst savvy investors looking to purchase a house for sale in Istanbul – for instance the Trump shopping centre in the Şişli district or the Metrosport shopping centre at Bahçelievler offer all the famous brand names and more surrounded in air conditioned, marbled splendor.  When considering a house for sale in Istanbul it is worth looking at such areas near to retail plazas plus local transport routes as the growth potential for your asset can only increase.

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