German citizens bought 17.000 residences


The chief negotiator and Minister to European Union Mr. Egemen Bagis advised Germans in his speech to German magazine to assess the relationship between the two countries by reviewing the shift in paradigms carefully.

The article narrows on how Germany and Turkey are closely operating on various issues fort he past 50 years and why they will always be strategically important partners.

Since the Labor Force Agreement signed in 1961, many Turks moved to Germany to help them reconstruct the country after the war. Egemen says: “Today there are over 3 million Turkish people living in Germany. This labor force contributed with no doubt additional value to Germany’s economy as it is stated and published by German Migration and Refugee Office in 2005. As a result of this partnership, Germany’s investment in Turkey increase every day. Thousands of retired German citizens moved to Turkey to live. Between years 2002-2010, German citizens purchased 17,270 real estate in Turkey.”

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